Oil and Gas Upstream

Reliable sampling at the well or in the refinery. When corrosion and surface activity are a concern, solutions must be engineered using special alloys or surface treatments. SilcoTek offers a family of surface treatments that address reactivity and corrosion concerns over a wide spectrum of applications.

Downhole & Product

Reliable sour well detection

Reliable, accurate product downhole sulfur sampling can be a big factor in determining if a well is sour.  SilcoTek® coatings significantly improve detection of H2S and other sulfur compounds; allowing producers to accurately assess product quality.

Pipeline, Midstream

Maintain pipeline safety      

Sampling gas pipelines for odorants is important to maintaining a safe gas distribution network.  SilcoNert® and Dursan® coated sample pathways assure odorant detection is accurate and repeatable. Mercury can damage natural gas pump stations and pose a severe health and safety hazard.  Low level mercury detection is vital to sustainable pipeline operation but can be challenging to accurately sample and test.  SilcoNert dramatically improves mercury sample recovery compared to uncoated stainless steel.


Assure regulatory compliance

SilcoNert® coating is recognized industry-wide as the leading inert surface that enables upstream operations to sample their processes and environment reliably with high accuracy and reproducibility. If left uncoated, even low surface area parts will adsorb compounds of interest and lead to invalid results, causing expensive retesting.

Corrosion Control

Reduce maintenance cost

Offshore platforms, and upstream facilities are exposed to significant corrosion challenges.  Seawater spray, produced water, H2S exposure, and acids associated with oil and gas exploration all result in shorter equipment lifespan, frequent failures, and high maintenance costs.

SilcoTek® coatings improve corrosion resistance in a wide variety of applications by up to 10x or more, while improving durability of stainless steel and other alloys.