Refinery and Petrochemical

SilcoTek® coatings improve material performance throughout the plant.  From fenceline to the pipeline, SilcoTek can be found wherever inert, corrosion resistant, and fouling resistant coatings are needed.


Assure EPA 325 Compliance

EPA Method 325 requires low-level monitoring of benzene at the refinery fenceline via passive sorbent tubes sampling over 2 week intervals.  Compliance will be costly to refineries SilcoNert and Dursan coatings make the most of the dollars invested and assure full compliance.

SilcoNert® coated surfaces, on right, virtually eliminate adsorption of VOCs, preventing lost peaks or distortion of chromatographic results.

SilcoNert® coating is recognized industry-wide as the leading inert surface that enables refiners to sample their processes reliably with high accuracy and reproducibility. If left uncoated, even low surface area parts will adsorb compounds of interest and lead to invalid results, causing expensive retesting

Process Sampling

Better Process Control      

SilcoTek® coatings like SilcoNert® and Dursan® make critical flowpaths inert; assuring you’re getting the process data and product quality you need.

Stack & Flare

Improved Detection & Reliability

Accurate analysis of part-per-million and part-per-billion levels of sulfur containing compounds in stack and flare emissions are critical to meeting new regulations for low level sulfur. Many organo-sulfur compounds, like hydrogen sulfide (H2S) adsorb to metal surfaces. SilcoNert® and Dursan® coated surfaces virtually eliminate adsorption, improving system reliability, & reducing calibration failures.  When it comes to inertness, common flowpath materials don’t stand a chance against SilcoNert.

Analyzer House

Consistent Results & Calibration

Reactive stainless steel surfaces can adsorb and desorb compounds, causing false readings and delaying critical results or causing regulation compliance issues.  Moisture in analytical systems can have a similar effect.  SilcoTek coatings prevent stainless steel and moisture adsorption in critical flowpath surfaces; assuring fast accurate analyzer results. SilcoNert® 2000 and Dursan® will conform to the most intricate surfaces while maintaining high dimensional tolerances. Our coatings will deform with tubing surfaces allowing for radius bends and will not interfere with threaded or compression joints; making our coatings ideal for the analyzer house.