As electronic devices get smaller and technology nodes continue to shrink, semiconductor manufacturers and equipment suppliers are faced with bigger production challenges than ever before.

SilcoTek silicon CVD coatings increase system uptime, throughput, and overall product life by solving corrosion and metal contamination problems. This ultimately improves production yields and increases profitability.

Process & Gas & Delivery

Reduced Corrosion & Reactivity

Anhydrous and aqueous semiconductor process chemicals can be highly reactive and corrosive to stainless steel gas delivery systems; causing yield robbing particulate contamination and premature system failure.  High purity silicon barrier coatings from SilcoTek® significantly improve corrosion resistance and eliminate surface reactivity of stainless steel, improving process yield.

Vacuum Systems

Low Outgassing Less Burn in      

SilcoTek® inert barrier coatings dramatically reduce outgassing of stainless steel surfaces, improving pumpdown efficiency and virtually eliminating surface burn-in requirements.  Coated vacuum and critical flowpath surfaces improve process efficiency and productivity.

Product/SEM Testing

Prevent Contamination

Increase SEM throughput and prevent product contamination during testing by coating chamber and critical flowpath surfaces with SilcoTek coatings.  Moisture and other contaminants don’t stick to SilcoTek® coatings, improving SEM pumpdown and preventing product contamination.

Etch & Deposition

Reduce Ion & Particulate Count

Corrosion in semiconductor process flowpaths can result in yield robbing particulates and metal ion contamination.  SilcoTek corrosion resistant barrier coatings can be bonded to the most intricate internal flowpath surfaces to dramatically improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel and metal alloy surfaces.

Exposure to severe corrosives like hydrochloric acid in semicon applications can devastating to stainless steel surfaces.  Silcolloy® or Dursan® coated stainless steel improves corrosion resistance by orders of magnitude.  Improving yields in sensitive 10nm and 14nm applications and improving performance over Yttria coatings.

Environmental Testing

Improved Moisture & Silicone Testing

Testing for low level environmental contaminants and moisture in cleanroom air can be challenging.  Reactive glass and stainless steel surfaces can hold and release moisture active compounds and silicones, causing carryover, cross contamination, and degradation of sample quality.  SilcoTek coatings not only stop the adsorption of active compounds, they also prevent the release of desorption of compounds, preventing cross contamination and assuring high sample quality.